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About Goddess Rainey

I am a professional Dominatrix, an enthusiastic sadist and Fetish Queen.  I have been intrigued and explored all types of kinks and fetishes for the last 28 years.  Over the past 7 years, I have submerged Myself in learning about BDSM to further My knowledge and skill sets.  I do not just offer BDSM sessions, I live a BDSM lifestyle everyday.  I do not have to put on a mask to see you.  Dominance is in My DNA.  

As an elite college educated Southern woman, I use all of My resources to create an authentic, unique and fun session tailored to your interests.  In My training, I began as a submissive, although I topped from the bottom all the time.  It gives Me a unique perspective on what My subjects are experiencing.  I left no stone unturned when learning.  I am always taking new classes to further My education to better your experience with Me.  I truly delight in opening My parishioner's eyes during a session.  The look of sheer bliss on your face is always rewarding.

When choosing applicants, I am most concerned with compatibility of interests.  I do not accept a session if it is not equally exciting for Me as it is for you.  I can not and will not fake a session for you.  This is supposed to be fun.  We both should act accordingly.

I take privacy very seriously.  My dungeon is located in a conservative suburban neighborhood in Charlotte.  My business is dependent on maintaining a wholesome image in My community.   Your privacy is paramount to the success of My business.  I will not ever speak about you unless you have given Me express permission to do so.  

I am frequently asked what is My favorite type of play in BDSM, and I am always hesitant to answer.  I have a fondness for most all types of play.  It is hard for Me to choose and varies from person to person.  I feed on your energy.   Your act of submission is My favorite part of any play time.  The exchange of power is delicious.  I savor it.  At the moment, sissification, medical play, corporal punishment, domestic discipline, humiliation, degradation, tease and denial and JOI are all at the top of My list.

Conversely, My hard limits include:

1. Sex.  I do not participate it any type of "girlfriend experience".   There will be no hand jobs, oral or vaginal sex, "happy endings", or prostate massage.  

2. Goddess nudity

3. Play with children under the age of 18, ever.

4. No animals, i.e. beastiality  (furries are always welcome)

5. Roman Showers

6. Being submissive

7. No permanent injury to you or anyone else 

This list is not up for debate.  I do not offer these services.  If you are serious about seeking these types of play, please find someone else.  I will end the conversation immediately if you bring these topics up.  

My interests include, but are not limited to:

Corporal Punishment

Medical Play


Golden Showers


Forced Bi

Strap on Play

Tease and Denial

Armpit and Foot Worship

Slave Training

Domestic Servitude


Electro Play

Wax Play

Fire Play


Hosiery/Latex Worship


Role Play


Pet play

Sensual Domination





Human Ashtray

Sensory Depravation

Slut Training


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