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Session General Information


Not everyone gets chosen to serve Me and not everyone gets to return to serve Me.  Make a good impression. 

You will address Me as Goddess or Mistress.  Other terms of endearment or names will not be tolerated.


Some form of screening is required, no exceptions. I screen because it gives Me some conclusive evidence that you are authentic in your intentions to submit. In addition, I need to know who you are, before we play.


Your application verifies your identity and helps Me to determine if we are a good match for one another. If you absolutely insistent on not giving Me any personal information, I can schedule an informal meet and greet or phone call. I do charge $50 for this service. The later process may take longer to actually lead to a session. Just think about your application as your first step in your journey submitting to Me.

I take privacy very seriously. My privacy is very important to Me. I want Mine respected, as I am sure you want yours. Furthermore, I will not share any information that you provide to Me. This information is used solely to determine our compatibility and My safety.  

I will not respond to your application, if you are seeking any type of intimate sex act, Roman showers, nudity from Me, beastiality or play with minors.

Once you have submitted your application, I will review your application.  Then, I will contact you and we will decide on a convenient time for both of us to speak by phone.  At that time, I will decline service or set up an appointment.

My home dungeon is located in a suburb of Charlotte, just 20 minutes north of Downtown Charlotte. It is easily accessible from both I-77 and I-85. I sometimes use a dungeon in Southeast Charlotte for larger scenes. It is easily accessible from I-485. 

Tributes begin at 300USD an hour and work in multiples of this. 

30 minutes: 200USD 

1 hour: 350USD

90 minutes: 500USD

2 hours: 600USD

3 hours: 900USD

4 hours: 1200USD

5 hours: 1500USD 

FTT: 550USD 

Overnight begins at 2000USD

These rates are for incall only. 

Additional tribute required for special requests. 

There will be an additional tribute of 100USD per hour for outcall services.  This tribute offsets My travel time and expense.

Additional tribute will be required for same day or last minute appointments.   

Options are available for over 3 hours.  Tribute will be based on hours of actual play.  

A 50% deposit may be necessary to confirm an appointment. I will direct you in making a successful deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable if you cancel.  If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance of your session, I will transfer the deposit to the next scheduled session. 

Once a session time is chosen, you will be responsible for confirming your appointment time with Me. I require you to contact Me, 3 hours before the scheduled session, to confirm. At this time, I will give you the address of the dungeon location. 


How to Prepare for your session with Me


Confirm 3 hours before your scheduled appointment.  You will text 650-822-8269 confirming your appointment.  At that time, I will give you the address for your session.


If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, or awaiting a test result because you have been exposed to COVID, please cancel your appointment and reschedule.  You are not just responsible for your own health.  Please be respectful and courteous.


Gifts and tips are always appreciated but never expected.  Your tribute should be placed in an unsealed envelope.  


Do not arrive late or early for your appointment.  If you know that you will be a few minutes late, please contact Me by text message at the above number.  


Do not sit in your car awkwardly awaiting your session.  This makes people nervous.  There is a coffee shop up the street that you can sit and wait for your appointment.  


Most of you will be arriving at My home dungeon.  Please be courteous of My neighbors.  We do not want to freak out the Jones’ family next door.  Fetish wear is never to be worn outside of My home dungeon.  If you are bringing items to your session, make sure that they are in a brown paper bag or something non-translucent like it.  Arrive in your “street clothes”, not latex.


You will park on the street in front of My home, on the same side of the street.  


Do not message or call Me to let Me know that you have arrived for your session.  I am aware that we have an appointment.  I am expecting you.  


You will wear a mask to My door.  I will greet you and take your temperature at that time.  If your temperature is above 99.9 degrees, I will cancel the session immediately.  Please arrive healthy.


Take a shower.  Wear deodorant.  You are likely to be nervous and a little sweaty.  Prepare your body for this likelihood.  Pop a breath mint if you are nervous about your breath.    

If you are expecting fire play, wax play or CBT, shave your genitals.  Pubic hair often gets caught in devices and can cause unplanned pain, discomfort and injury.  Short hair is ok for CBT, full bush is not.  


If you are expecting anal play prepare yourself.  Give yourself an enema or two.  You can buy a kit at the drugstore.  Empty the contents and use Distilled water instead of the solution provided.  This solution can cause upset tummies.  Unless you are into that type of thing, I suggest you use Distilled Water.  Clip or shave the hair around your ass and in the crack.  Again, hair can get pulled and cause unplanned pain and discomfort.


Do not use oils or lotion on the skin the day of session.  It could result in unnecessary injury.  Clean dry skin is best.  


Please let Me know of any new injuries, ailments, medications or allergies when you know about them.  For reporting, please use My email.  Not reporting could result in injury.  


Additionally, there is never any reason to bring weapons into My home.  This will end a session immediately if you have one on your person.  If you must carry a weapon, I advise that you leave it in your car's trunk. 


I have a bathroom available for post session clean up when necessary.


If for some reason you need to cancel, contact Me immediately.  I understand things come up.  


If you are canceling on the same day as your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.  

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